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Bodog Poker Bonus

Bodog Poker offers new players a first deposit bonus of 100% match up to $1,000. So the player who deposits $1,000 into his poker account will have the opportunity to earn an additional $1,000 in bonus money.

In 1994, Calvin Ayre scrounged together $10,000 and launched Bodog, an online casino and sportsbook. By the turn of the century, Bodog was an industry leader and a multi-billion dollar company. Then, in 2004, on the heels of the Texas hold’em phenomenon, Bodog expanded its repertoire to include an online poker room. Within the year, Bodog Poker was one of the largest and most successful poker rooms online. During the process, Bodog earned a great deal of attention for being one of the few online poker services to offer a Web-based client for the Mac platform.

Bodog has its license with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, located in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada.

The bonus money acts as a rakeback or refund policy on the fees associated with playing poker. The $1,000 in bonus money is paid out in increments, based on the amount of Bodog poker points earned.

The following schedule depicts how and when the bonus payments are made.

Bodog Poker Bonus Payout Schedule


So the new player must earn 10,000 Bodog Poker points to earn the full $1,000 bonus.

1 Bodog Poker point is earned for $1 to $3 of rake contributed to the pot. Fractional points are awarded for lesser rake contributions. And 3 points are awarded for every $1 paid in tournament fees.

So for the tournament player, the player would need to pay around $3,333 in tournament fees to earn the full $1,000 bonus. In other words, you would have to pay $3.33 in fees in which case you would get refunded $1.

This amounts to a 30% cashback or rakeback offer – this ratio or percentage is about average among the bonus ratios in the online poker industry.

BONUS SUMMARY: $3.3 of Contributed Rake = $1 in Bonus

While the welcome bonus at Bodog Poker is solid, people play at Bodog because of the software. Particularly, Bodog is geared towards the casual poker player, not the sharks or professionals – so beginners like the option of playing at Bodog.

Bodog Poker Software

Bodog takes an unusual approach in that it caters its software and all of the system to the casual poker player.

First of all, and the most critical point, is that all of Bodog’s tables are anonymous – meaning that no one ever knows who you are, and you don’t know who you’re playing against!

Each player at the table is anonymous – just a number – so you can never be targeted (and you cannot target anyone else).

This protects beginner players from regulars or professionals!

Secondly, Bodog does not provide hand history data – so you cannot download tons of hands for analysis and build a database from that. The casual player does not need to data mine a bunch of poker hands – he just wants to play!

The software does allow playing several tables simultaneously, but it is not well suited to any more than three.



For the recreational player, one of Bodog’s best features is “Quick Seat.” As the name suggests, this feature seats you with a single button click and a series of quick options: select a limit, select a game type, select the stakes and so forth.


The Bodog client also has a sophisticated system that lets you find the perfect game, but Quick Seat is ideal for those times when the player is short of time or simply wants to play hassle-free.

Bodog has an attractive interface, it’s very clean and simple. They don’t bog the visual experience down with chairs, tables and other unnecessary graphics. There are also some neat features, like “Spotlight,” which help to draw your attention to the action.


Spotlight is particularly useful when playing multiple tables, but it also convenient on a single table when the player is out of the hand. This way, if the player’s attention drifts to the latest craze on YouTube or whatever, they don’t miss out on any new opportunities.

The Bodog client also has a highly customizable interface. The playing area is resizable, and the user can move key elements around so that it perfectly suits them. The client also boasts a color picker, which the player can use to choose the color of the “felt” they play on. A notes system allows the player to record information about their opponents, and those notes persist between sessions, which make them very valuable in the long run. Player can add friends, block on chat, hide avatars and so forth.

Please note that if you reside in the US, Bodog will automatically redirect you to their sister site, Bovada Poker, which is US-friendly!

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