The William Hill Poker Promo Code 1250FREE delivers the maximum bonus available from William Hill Poker, a whopping 200% initial deposit bonus for up to £1250 ($2000/€1400) free!

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William Hill Poker Bonus Explained

William Hill Poker is a fast growing UK-based poker room on the iPoker network of poker sites and offers all the features of a top tier poker room, but the most attractive aspect of William Hill Poker is the massive welcome bonus.

Not only is the William Hill Poker bonus extremely generous, it is also quite achievable.

To get started, click here to visit William Hill Poker and then click the “Join Now” button at the top right corner and register your new account.

Fill out the registration form and enter our exclusive William Hill Promotion Code 1250FREE and your account will be eligible to receive a 200% initial deposit match bonus up to £1250 ($2000/€1400).

So if you deposit £625 into William Hill Poker, you can earn a bonus of £1250! In addition, you will also receive a $/€/£10 casino side game bonus! You will receive the £10 bonus automatically once your have made a deposit into William Hill Poker. Use this bonus to play the casino side games from within the William Hill Poker download.

Register your account as seen below:

William Hill Poker Promotional Code



You will immediately notice two fantastic features of the William Hill Poker bonus. The first is the sheer size of the bonus available, up to £1250 or $2,000. This is four times larger than the Party Poker bonus of $500! The second attractive feature of this bonus is that the deposit match is 200%, rather than the standard 100% that most other online poker rooms offer.

But there’s also a third reason why the William Hill Poker bonus is among the best available – the relative ease of earning that bonus as I’ll illustrate further below!

First off, in order to receive this mountain of bonus money, you must earn “WH Points” by playing real money cash games or tournaments.

The more that you play, the more WH Points you may acquire, and the sooner you can receive the bonus money.

In terms of US dollars, for every 350 points earned, $5 of your bonus can be turned into cash.

If you are a tournament player, players receive 30 WH Points for every $1 spent on tournament entrance fees. So, for example, you enjoy playing $50 + $5 sit-n-go’s. For each of these sit-n-go’s, you would earn 150 WH Points. To earn the complete $2,000 (or £1250) bonus, you would need to play about 933 of these sit-no-go tournaments.

So to earn $1 in bonus, you would have to earn 70 WH Points, or spend $2.33 in tournament fees. When compared to the rate of earning the bonus via tournament play at PokerStars or Party Poker (3:1 rake to bonus), it is much easier to earn your bonus with William Hill Poker!

BONUS SUMMARY: $2.33 of Contributed Rake = $1 in Bonus


To earn the entire $2,000 or £1250 bonus, you will need to earn 140,000 WH Points. That’s a lot of points to earn, but you have 60 days to do it. Not to mention, William Hill Poker allows you to multi-table 16 tables simultaneously, which can help you earn that bonus 16x faster!


Earning WH Points

So exactly how are the points earned?

WH Points are earned based on the Rake Range at any given cash table. In terms of tournament play, 30 points are awarded for every $1 of tournament fee paid.

Tournament FeePoints Awarded

If you’re a cash player, check out the chart below for information on points awarded per raked hand on our selection of table limits.

Rake RangeWH PointsRake RangeWH Points
$0.01 – $0.020.2$1.26 – $1.509.5
£0.01 – £0.020.3£1.26 – £1.5014.25
€0.01 – €0.020.26€1.26 – $1.5012.35
$0.03 – $0.050.5$1.51 – $1.7511
£0.03 – £0.050.75£1.51 – £1.7516.5
€0.03 – €0.050.65€1.51 – €1.7514.3
$0.06 – $0.10.7$1.76 – $2.0013
£0.06 – £0.11.05£1.76 – £2.0019.5
€0.06 – €0.10.91€1.76 – €2.0016.9
$0.11 – $0.201$2.01 – $2.2514.5
£0.11 – £0.201.5£2.01 – £2.2521.75
€0.11 – €0.201.3€2.01 – €2.2518.85
$0.21 – $0.502.5$2.26 – $2.5016
£0.21 – £0.503.75£2.26 – £2.5024
€0.21 – €0.503.25€2.26 – €2.5020.8
$0.51 – $0.754.5$2.51 – $2.7520
£0.51 – £0.756.75£2.51 – £2.7530
€0.51 – €0.755.85€2.51 – €2.7526
$0.76 – $1.006$2.76 – $3.0024
£0.76 – £1.009£2.76 – £3.0036
€0.76 – €1.007.8€2.76 – €3.0031.2
$1.01 – $1.258$3.01 – $5.0032
£1.01 – £1.2512£3.01 – £5.0048
€1.01 – €1.2510.4€3.01 – €5.0041.6

So that’s the conversion from Rake to WH Points. But what is the typical rake for the games you like to play? That’s an entirely different chart and it gets complicated.

Let’s just look at one game as an example, low stakes no limit holdem:

Pot limit & No Limit – $0.50/$1 up to $10/$20


*£/€ work off the equivalent rake limits


Let’s say you are playing £200 NL, £1-£2 blinds, and it’s a full 10 player table. We can use £20 as an average pot size which is pretty typical. At this game, we can see from the above chart that we earn £.05 rake for every £1 in the pot, if the pot size is £20, we have earned £1 in rake.

And if our hand generated £1 in rake, we have earned 9 WH Points!

Yes, I told you it gets complicated. But let’s take this a bit further.

The typical online poker player can play about 70 hands per hour, so that would equate to about 630 WH Points. If we need to earn 140,000 WH Points to receive the maximum bonus of £1250, that would mean about 222 hours of play. That’s a lot of hours!

But it really isn’t that bad, since the typical online poker player also plays more than one table at once! Let’s say you play two tables, then it’s only about 111 hours of play. If you play 4 hours a day, you only need about 28 days of play to achieve the bonus. And remember, you have 60 days to complete the bonus!

So, it is definitely achievable, not to mention hopefully you’re winning while you play!

Details of a player’s WHPoints account and progress towards any bonuses can be seen at the bottom section of the William Hill Poker lobby.

WH Award Points



While you have the opportunity to earn 140,000 WH Points and the full £1250 bonus, you don’t have to – it is not an all or nothing situation. The bonus is paid out in $5 increments, so you may earn as little or as much of it as you like!

In addition to the welcome bonus, new players will get 5 FREE ENTRIES into two different freeroll tournaments available only to first-time depositors. These entries will be given upon making your first deposit.

You’ll play against other first depositors, making the tournaments an ideal way for new players to get accustomed to William Hill tournament poker.

Each new depositor will get:

4 entries to Wednesday’s $1,000 New Depositors Freeroll Wednesdays @ 18:00 (lobby time)

1 entry to the New Depositors Prize Freeroll Takes place once a month on Saturdays @ 18:00 (lobby time)


First Deposit tokens will be issued on Wednesdays for all players who made their first deposit during the previous week! The winners of these tournaments get to choose their own prize ranging from laptops to camcorders!

Read more about William Hill Poker on our review page here.

As you can see, the William Hill bonus provides excellent value to new members. Sign up with the official William Hill Poker Promo Code 1250FREE today!



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